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Healthy Winter Skin

Top Tips for Healthy Winter Skin 

Winters harsh cold temperatures, drying winds and indoor heating can all play havoc on our skin. Our skin can feel especially dry, dehydrated and maybe experiencing some discomfort, redness, and sensitivity. To help counteract the effects of winter we have put together our top 5 winter skin tips to help keep your skin healthy this season: 

1. Use a gentle or moisturising cleanser. If you are finding your current cleanser is leaving your skin feeling tight and dry, then consider swapping to a more hydrating cleanser or one designed for a sensitive skin. Swap back to your regular cleanser when the weather warms up. Try: Aspect Gentle Clean Facial Cleanser, Cosmedix Benefit Clean or PCA skin Creamy Cleanser. 

2. Increasing your water intake. Keeping up with the recommended 2 litres per day water intake will help to keep skin cells hydrated. Quick tip: we naturally reach for a hot drink in winter so after every hot chocolate, tea, coffee, or chai have a few sips of water to boost your water intake. Hydrated skin is better equipped to deal with the effects of harsh winds and cold temperatures on the skin. 

3. Add in a moisturising serum and cream to your nightly routine. Our skins natural reparative processes happen whilst we sleep. Including some intensive night creams or serums will help to repair the skins protective barrier and add the essential oils and lipids back into our skin that may have been zapped from a day outside or sitting in heated environments. A strong skin barrier is key to reducing irritation, sensitivity, and dehydration. We love: Aotea Manuka Face Oil, Aotea Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream, Cosmedix Humidify, Aspect Hydrating Serum, Aspect Super Moisturising Complex. 

4. Keep using an SPF. The weather may be cold and cloudy, but UVA rays still penetrate all year round. Using an SPF with hydrating properties will help maintain winter skin. Best choice: asap Hydrating Defence SPF50+, Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF50+, PCA skin Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF45. 

5. Don’t forget lips, hands, and body. Winter can play havoc with the skin on our lips, hands, and body. Chapped lips are one of the most recognised winter skin conditions! To keep your lips super soft and hydrated try one of our recommended options: Aotea Kawakawa Balm, Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm, asap hydrating Lip balm or Cosmedix Lumi Crystal. For hydrated hands and body, we recommend: Aotea Harakeke Seed Oil and Manuka Water Hand and Body Cream, Aspect Hand and Body Cream or PCA skin Body Therapy.