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Tips To Help With Your asap Skincare Routine

We all love the feeling of super clean and fresh feeling skin and many of us probably think we know what we’re doing but how many of us are actually cleansing correctly? Well, first of all, well done for getting onto our blog because there’s never been a more perfect time to learn how to achieve a perfect cleansing routine than now. Here are our top tips from our team of skin therapists at Prodermal for your cleanest skin ever.

Why cleanse?

A good cleansing routine is way more than just removing make up and dirt. With today’s environmental pollutants in the air as well as more waterproof products on the market, cleansing has never been more important. Statistics from the International Dermal Institute site suggest that most women only spend 20 seconds on cleansing their skin! Not exactly great stats when we’re all seeking a great skin canvas with a healthy and intact skin barrier. With incorrect cleansing comes skin challenges like clogging, blackheads, oiliness, dryness and dehydration with product penetration also being reduced.

At Prodermal, we always advocate a thorough cleanse to ensure clean skin and to provide immediate skin care benefits. A good cleanse means using your cleanser to thoroughly remove make up and dirt pollution from your skin. This process is all about trying to achieve clearer and healthier skin which takes no more time than brushing your teeth. So if you’ve invested in yourself to ensure you are using quality skin care products, it’s important to use them to their full potential for the best skin results.

How do I start my cleanse?

Start your cleanse with asap’s Gentle Cleansing Gel or asap Daily Facial Cleanser. Gently lather a small amount on damp hands and massage lightly over face and neck. Always rinse well and repeat if wearing make-up. When cleansing, always use light movements as massaging too hard can leave your skin overstimulated. If you love to use an ultrasonic cleansing device, you can use it with any of the asap cleansers.

Try using the Daily Exfoliating Face Scrub as your second cleanse for more effective results. This AHA dual action exfoliating scrub is gentle for everyday use and promotes cell renewal, revealing a fresher looking skin. You can also mix this scrub with the asap cleansers which is perfect if you are time poor and want quick but effective cleansing.

When it comes to the removal of your cleanser, our choice is the asap Deluxe Sponge Cloth which is super soft reusable cleansing cloth made from biodegradable, bacteria resistant fabric. Alternatively try soft facial sponges. Avoid face washers which can be too rough on the skin and can harbour bacteria if not changed after every use.

If you are removing eye make-up, apply some asap Gentle Make-Up Remover onto cotton pads and wipe gently over the eyes. Massage gently and then use wet cotton pads to remove and remember the lip area if you wear lipstick!

Our top tip is to always cleanse the hairline and ear area well. Think about your mobile phone connected to your ear 24/7!

When should I cleanse?

You should cleanse twice a day, morning and night. Your morning cleanse removes any residue of night time product, dead skin cells, sweat and extra oil. This one sets your skin care up for the day. The night time cleanse removes “the day” meaning the build up of dirt, pollution, oil and make up. This then allows for better penetration of further product applications.

Do I need to cleanse after exercise? 

Yes, our tip is to also perform a light cleanse after exercise.

Do I need to use a toner to remove any further trace of make-up and dirt residue? 

If you perform your cleanse correctly, there is no need to use astringent type toners which are generally stripping in nature and designed to remove extra traces of make-up, etc.

What’s the one cleanser to always have on standby?

The Gentle Cleansing Gel for sure! It’s perfect when you skin is sensitised or feeling sensitive.

How often should I change my pillowcase for a cleaner skin? 

We recommend changing your pillowcase every 2 days, especially if you have breakout-prone skin.

Which cleanser is perfect for my skin?

All asap cleansers are designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping the skin’s delicate moisture barrier:

asap Gentle Cleansing Gel is a great starter and is good for all skins, especially sensitive skins. Another useful tip is to use it after any skin rejuvenation procedures.

asap Daily Facial Cleanser is used for all skin conditions and for a deeper cleanse. We suggest it is best removed with the deluxe sponge cloth.

asap Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrubis for all skin types but particularly good for acne, congested and aged/sun damaged skin. Our Prodermal tip if you have breakout concerns is to use it at night to prepare the skin.