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asap Triple Treat (save 30%)

(5 customer reviews)


In stock


  • Gentle cleansing gel 200ml
  • Daily exfoliating facial scrub 200ml
  • Moisturising defence SPF50+ 75ml
  • bonus gift: asap deluxe facial cloth


Gentle Cleansing Gel

Formulated to gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin of makeup and impurities in one step, while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Contains powerful antioxidant White Tea and healing Aloe Vera to calm and soothe.

Daily exfoliating facial scrub

Formulated to dramatically improve the appearance and texture of skin. Biodegradable, non-plastic exfoliating beads combined with AHAs, gently remove dead skin cells to promote a smoother, more radiant looking skin.

Moisturising defence SPF50+

asap moisturising defence SPF50+ provides very high UVA + UVB protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays while assisting in the prevention of premature skin ageing. This 3-in-one formulation contains powerful antioxidants, intensely hydrates the skin and is an ideal primer for makeup.

See individual products for more info.

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5 reviews for asap Triple Treat (save 30%)

  1. Varshana

    5 star

  2. Ariana

    I’m glad I finally found an online store within New Zealand that sells ASAP. I highly recommend Triple Treat. Leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and looking youthful. Product is especially great for Måori and Pacific skin, reduces oils, dead skin cells, black heads and build up that we get. ASAP have the best in the world skincare range, which I’ve been using for 5-6 years. Received the best service, fast and prompt delivery. Thank you Prodermal, highly recommend to all.

  3. Kathy Knox

    I have used all these products for about 10 years now.
    I would use anything else and buying this pack is great value.

  4. Victoria

    Brilliant products and great value.
    My skin is glowing!

  5. Sarah

    Love these products. Simple, gentle and affordable. I have dry ageing skin and love the moisturiser with SPF and the lack of strong scent as it doesn’t effect my eyes. The exfoliator has just the right texture to leave skin supple and invigorated without irritating. A+

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