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Our Skincare Tips | Best Advice In 2018 Using asap Skincare

Everyone loves insider skin tips and advice on how to use their product range in different ways to achieve a healthier glowing skin. Read on for some of our favourite tips to help you achieve your best skin using asap skin care products.

Consistency is key

We all know that exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet is important in keeping our body healthy, so applying the same principles with your skin care routine is also key to achieving a glowing healthy skin. If you are haphazard about your skin care routine, you won’t reap the skin benefits.

This doesn’t mean you have to use a gazillion products for great skin, it’s about choosing products built around your skin concerns, skin care goals, lifestyle and budget. Try not to “cherry pick” and stick to a well-rounded skin care routine that will provide the best results for you. If you need advice, our team is always on hand to help you choose the best solutions for your skin.

Clean away

We all know the importance of cleansing the skin, but what about what you remove your cleanser with? Rinsing the skin really doesn’t remove your cleanser, the day or make-up off your skin. Use a gentle but effective facial cloth like our Prodermal premium facial cloth. It’s been specially designed by, and used by our team to give the most effective removal cloth for a clean skin. Made of anti-bacterial resistant material, simply wet to soften and wipe over skin, rinse and repeat. Wash the cloth and let air dry. It dries hard and softens again when wet.

Start with a skin pack

The asap skin care collections are the perfect way to start a new skin care regime, as travel products or as complete routine at great value for money. Products come in smaller sizes but contain a full skin care regime so that you can see skin results sooner.

Multi task

If you are time poor, choose multi-tasking products or products that can be mixed together for a quick but effective skin care routine are key.

  • Try mixing Gentle Cleansing Gel or Daily Facial Cleanser with the Daily Exfoliating Scrub for an effective cleanse and exfoliation in one. Not only is this a quick and easy cleansing solution but you will save on product use too!
  • An all in one! The CC Colour Correcting Cream provides hydration, tinted colour and a SPF all in one without artificial colours or fragrances, giving the skin a healthy radiance.  Its a definite favourite with the Prodermal team.
  • The Gentle Make Up Remover from asap not only removes eye make-up without irritation but can also double as a cooling eye treatment due to the Cucumber and Aloe Vera it contains. As a bonus, it can also be used as a toner. Simply dampen some cotton pads and apply a pump and wipe over the skin.

Super skin savers

  • Try the Soothing Gel as a mask. This soothing gel is jam packed with soothing, cooling and calming ingredients and is perfect to take the heat out of any skin.

Flawless finish

  • Mixing asap’s pure Loose Mineral Powder and Skin Perfecting Mineral Foundation together gives extra coverage and perfect coverage.
  • Ensure you apply asap’s pure Loose Mineral Powder to a dry skin and try the Mineral Base over the eyelids to stop eye colour creasing.

Super serums

Serums are renowned for their potent ingredient complexes that have been developed to give the skin targeted benefits.

  • Did you know that you can mix the Super B Complex with the Super C Serum morning and night for added antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-pollution protection?  The best way to mix is to apply one pump of each onto the back of your hands, mix and then apply to your skin.
  • Use the Radiance Serum nightly to give your skin clarity and luminosity.

Start slowly

Vitamin A/Retinol is a hero skin ingredient that gives great skin rejuvenation results. We recommend to start slowly and gradually increase the frequency of your application as your skin becomes adjusted.

  • If you are new to Super A+ Serum and Vitamin A, apply at night and start using once to twice a week and slowly build up to nightly. 
  • Try the Radiance Serum alternatively with the Super A+ Serum at night to give great skin smoothness and clarity.
  • Always remember to use a sunscreen when Retinol/Vitamin A is being used on the skin.
  • asap recommend avoiding products with Vitamin A  when pregnant.

Beautiful Body

  • Patchy fake tan? Then try the Revitalising Bodymoist. This formula has 12% Glycolic Acid and will gently exfoliate to reduce your tan evenly to leave you with soft smooth body skin.
  • Firm your body skin with the use of the Cellulite+ skin firming treatment. It’s perfect to use after dry body brushing or even a gym workout for maximum benefits.
  • Mix asap Gentle Cleansing Gel with the Revitalising Bodymoist for an overall body scrub and cleanse.
  • Ingrown hairs, dry cracked skin or keratosis pilaris? The Clearskin Bodygel from asap is the perfect product to use as it contains an AHA and BHA complex to smooth the skin. White Tea and Bilberry to provide superior antioxidant protection to your body skin.