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Night-Time Skin Care

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing. It is the time when our body has the chance to rest, repair and recover. The same goes for our skin. Night-time is the optimal period for our skin and skin cells to go to work and carry out all the necessary repair, recover and regenerative activities.

The main skin regeneration activities include:

  • Cell mitosis (or cell division) to produce new plump cells. Cell division is at its optimum overnight. New, healthy skin cells act as a protective barrier against such things as bacteria, UV rays, debris, heat and water loss.
  • Collagen production is increased in the skin. Collagen helps to fight against fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The skin repairs damage from daily aggressors such as the sun’s UV rays and environment (wind, dirt, debris).
  • Melatonin is increased in the skin which not only helps the body to sleep but is a natural antioxidant that helps with some anti-ageing benefits.
  • The skin is best able to absorb nutrients from products at night. Using active ingredients overnight will help to improve overall skin health.

Your day-time skin care routine should be aimed at protection (from UV and external aggressors) and hydration whilst your night-time routine should do the heavy lifting with ingredients that contribute to repair, recovery and regeneration. Ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol, AHA/BHA’s, peptides, vitamins, collagen and elastin will all be valuable to the skin at night.

Our top recommended night products to add to your routine:

  • Harakeke Seed Oil Night Cream – a 100% natural night cream based on essential amino acids. This cream will sooth, restore and hydrate your skin overnight.
  • Cosmedix Resync – enriched with plant-based extracts (snow mushroom and Kakadu plum), hydrators and antioxidants to revitalize your skin. Resync will help to improve dark spots and uneven skin texture.
  • Cosmedix Affirm – containing ten super antioxidants to repair and protect skin against damage and ageing.
  • asap Hydrating Night Repair+ – an advanced formula containing peptides, AHA’s and antioxidants to target skin repair and regeneration. This cream will also help to promote collagen and elastin production in the skin.
  • asap Liquid Platinum – an overnight regenerating treatment containing Glycolic Acid to exfoliate the top layers of skin to brighten and refine. (Please note that sensitive skin will need to start slow with this product and build up daily as skin adjusts over time).
  • asap DNA Renewal Treatment – helps to repair DNA cell damage overnight and improve skin firmness. This treatment uses peptides and advanced stem cell technology to boost the skins cell renewal and restore its hydration and elastin to optimum levels.
  • Aspect Retinol Brulee – a refining retinol treatment to target fine lines and improve skin smoothness. (Please note that sensitive skin will need to start slow with this product and build up daily as skin adjusts over time).
  • Aspect Probiotic Mask – An antioxidant overnight sleeping mask that will sooth, calm and help repair damaged skin.
  • PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Mask – An intense overnight mask utilising Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin.