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Benefits of Regular In-Clinic Skin Checks and Facial Treatments

The Prodermal team are very excited to be opening our new skin clinic in Mount
Albert. Our services on offer will include skin checks and skin analysis, facial treatments, professional peels and LED treatments.

Whilst having a regular skin care routine is a first step to healthy skin, having regular
skin checks and facial treatments will make sure that the skin is kept in top condition and any concerns are addressed.

We have outlined some top benefits from having regular in-clinic skin check consultations and skin treatments:

Benefits of In-Clinic Skin Check Consultations:

  • Expert Advice: A skin therapist can zero in on specific conditions and concerns and offer targeted solutions. Having a regular skin check and consultation, especially as the seasons change will ensure that your skin is maintained at its optimum. Changing seasons can affect the skin. Sensitivity, redness, excess oil or dryness can all be a result of seasonal change. A professional skin therapist can help to identify any changes and advise on solutions.

  • Product Check: Seasonally reviewing your skincare products ensures you are using items that deliver the best results for your skin’s current needs.

  • Correct Application Techniques: Learning the correct amount and order of applying products like cleansers and serums can enhance your skincare routine. This can be discussed and demonstrated during a skin consultation

Benefits of In-Clinic Skin Treatments:

  • Rejuvenate and Hydrate: Regular facial treatments can improve your skin’s texture, tone, hydration, and overall appearance.

  • Professional Grade Products: In-clinic treatments use professional-grade products (that cannot be done at home). Professional grade products can contain more active ingredients and in higher concentrations. This can boost the results you see on the skin.

  • Cost-Effective Advice: Expert advice can help you save money by trying many different products that may not work. An expert skin therapist will help you zero in on specific concerns and recommend the best products to use.

  • Relaxation: Facial treatments can be relaxing and calming, reducing stress which means less stressed skin. A stressed body and mind can stimulate an increase in cortisol (known as the stress hormone). Too much cortisol in the skin can cause excess oil and sebum, acne breakout, congestion, inflammation, a breakdown in collagen and elastin and aggravate conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

  • Tailored Treatments: Specific facial treatments such as professional peels and LED treatments can address concerns such as ageing, pigmentation, sensitivity and acne. Facial treatments can be individually tailored to address your skins specific needs.

Our expert skin therapists at Prodermal are always happy and ready to discuss any
skin concerns or questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to our team to organise a skin check, book a treatment or just for a chat! Together we are committed to helping you reach your skin care goals.