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asap Super C Serum | Learn More In Our Video Series

As part of our video series on asap serums, we join Prodermal’s Client Education and Skin Therapist Allison Ware as she chats to asap Education Manager, Colleen McCleery about asap Super C Serum, how to use it and its benefits on your skin.

Allison Ware: Hello, and welcome to another Prodermal video cast. I’m Allison from the Prodermal team, and today we are talking with asap skincare’s education manager, Colleen. Welcome, Colleen.

Colleen M.: Thank you.

Allison Ware: And we’re talking all things serums, and, in particular, the super C serum, which combines high concentrations of vitamin C with powerful antioxidants, which helps to promote clarity and radiance within the skin, but can you tell us a little bit more, Colleen, about the super C serum?

Colleen M.: Yes. We have a very special super C serum, and the ultimate 20% L-ascorbic acid. We have a slow release. We’ve made this serum to be a slow release in the skin, because when we put this on again, it’s our metered measured dose. So we have one pump of our super C. We like to mix this with our super B, because what you will feel with this product, you’ll feel a slight powder, the texture of our super C. Mixing that together makes a very velvety feel on the skin. We like to take both these serums up under the eyes that help promote that collagen under that fine skin, delicate skin under the eyes as well.

Allison Ware: Perfect.

Colleen M.: And then you’ve got your hydration as well from your super B. But what’s so critical about using a vitamin C on your skin, particularly in the morning, and having powerful antioxidants in the product is we’re being bombarded by light and free radicals all day. As soon as that light hits us, then the free radicals start.

Colleen M.: So if we can have a product on our skin that has those powerful antioxidants helping to top up and stimulate those vitamin C levels, which, in turn, stimulates our collagen in the skin, and, as we know, collagen gives our skin its strength, its shape, its form, but, also, vitamin C is critical for pigmentation, because when we hit that light, that little trigger goes off, it starts to produce melanin and gives us a tan to protect our skin from the sun. It also will trigger our pigmentation over time.

Colleen M.: So what we like to do with vitamin C is help prevent that little switch going off, help prevent the pigment from starting. Also, lighten and brighten. So it’s very important to have this top up of a vitamin C each morning.

Allison Ware: So every morning your top tip is to mix the super B serum in there.

Colleen M.: Yes.

Allison Ware: And for all skins, but, in particular, pigmentation.

Colleen M.: That’s right. And when you’re applying serums, don’t forget to take it down to here. This is really where our face finishes.

Allison Ware: Fantastic tip.

Colleen M.: And, also, just one more thing, don’t forget the back of your hands. When you’re applying it to the back of your hands, also just finish that little bit up, because hands are always out there as well.

Allison Ware: I love that. Thank you so much, Colleen.

Colleen M.: My pleasure.

Allison Ware: Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you soon for another Prodermal video cast. Bye for now