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asap Super B Complex | Learn More In Our asap Video Series

As part of our video series on asap serums, we join Prodermal’s Client Education and Skin Therapist Allison Ware as she chats to asap Education Manager, Colleen McCleery about asap Super B Complex, how to use it and its benefits on your skin.

Allison: Hello, and welcome to another Prodermal video cast. I’m Allison from the Prodermal team, and today I’m talking with asap’s education manager, Colleen.

Colleen: Hi, Alison.

Allison: Welcome, Colleen.

Allison: And we’re talking all things serums, because asap’s skincare is known for its active serum, and there’s one serum that we love so much: the Super B serum.

Allison: Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Colleen: I would love to, because Super B is our hero product. It’s a hero product because it treats every concern. It treats teenagers with acne, it maintains healthy skin in their 20s and 30s, and then it treats aging concerns.

Colleen: One pump is a metered measured dose of all of our serums. So let’s just try this one. You’ll see that lovely texture with the Super B gel.

Colleen: Now serums are what we have, but we actually call this one a “complex.” We call it a “super B complex,” and that’s because we have three different vitamin Bs in here. When you take a vitamin B you always take them as a complex because that’s where you get the best result from them.

Colleen: Super B Complex is our hero product for healing in the skin. We apply it after surgery, just when the skin is sealed, before scar tissue forms. We’re great results. We’re getting great results with post-inflammatory pigmentation. But to get those results we need to apply it quite quickly on the skin.

Colleen: Definitely calming skin. It’s an anti-inflammatory for acne, calms the skin for rosacea and redness. We all tend to get a bit redder as we get older, and men particularly with that ruddy complexion. Calm that skin down.

Colleen: We also use this … It can be used once or twice a day. It can be used once or twice a week, but very, very important for the hydration of the skin, because with hydration … and literally a drink for the skin, so take this one right up under the eyes as well.

Allison: Fantastic.

Colleen: We mix it too. A little tip with this one is to mix it with our Super C serum in the mornings.

Allison: Okay. Excellent. Thank you so much, Colleen.

Allison: And thank you for watching another Prodermal video cast. We’ll see you soon.