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asap Super A | Learn More In Our asap Video Series

As part of our video series on asap serums, we join Prodermal’s Client Education and Skin Therapist Allison Ware as she chats to asap Education Manager, Colleen McCleery about asap Super A+ Serum, how to use it and its benefits on your skin.

Allison: Hello, I’m Allison from from the Prodermal team and welcome to another Prodermal videocast. Today I’m talking with Colleen, who is ASAP Skincare’s Education Manager. Welcome Colleen.

Colleen: Thank you.

Allison: So excited to have you here, learning more great information on how we can take care of our skin. Today we’re talking about the ASAP Super A+ Serum. Wow, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But doesn’t it do fantastic things for the skin. It’s known for it’s excellent rejuvenation properties, but can you tell us a little bit more?

Colleen: I’d love to. Vitamin A is probably the oldest ingredient that we’ve applied topically to our skin. The history of Vitamin A goes back to the 50s. Vitamin A, we’ve known for many years, we term it as A for acne, A for aging and anybody in between, because we are about the health of the skin. Vitamin A we like to think about as strengthening the skin and Vitamin A will nourish new cells from the inside out and by doing that, it’s bringing back really beautiful new cells coming through. That cell turnover, that cell proliferation in the skin plumps up the skin, hydrates the skin. We like to go a little bit more slowly with the Vitamin A. We do once or twice a week and then we build up to what the skin needs. Skin can acclimatize very well to Vitamin A.

Allison: Okay.

Colleen: It is our one product that we don’t recommend in pregnancy and it’s a nighttime application. There is also a little tip with this, we can use our Super A+ with our Super B as well.

Allison: Okay.

Colleen: Again, it is a metered measured dose. We put on our Super A+ and if we choose to, which is a nice application because we’re all busy, it does make it easy to do a pump of our B. Just by mixing those two together in the evening, but what we don’t do with this one is we don’t take Super A up under the eye area. We only take it to the orbital bone.

Allison: Okay.

Colleen: That just massages in and I think what the B does with the product is really give it that lovely slip and that absorb and you can take that product down onto the decolletage as well. Then finish up on your hands, we always need to do that.

Allison: Okay, fantastic, so start slowly on the skin, once to twice a week to start with and build it up.

Colleen: Yes.

Allison: Use it at nighttime.

Colleen: The reason we do build it up on the skin is because it is the one vitamin that can hold in skin tissues, so we’re never quite sure when we recommend that for somebody how much Vitamin A is in their skin. This is why we like to let the skin slowly acclimatize to A. Beautiful product, it’s got peptides in there, where they work at cellular level, some hyaluronic acid, so we’re plumbing up. A beautiful product to use, but just let’s see how much your skin needs of that product.

Allison: Okay, fantastic, and for all skin types except for avoiding in pregnancy.

Colleen: Pregnancy, that’s right, yes.

Allison: Fantastic. Thank you so much Colleen.

Colleen: Thank you.

Allison: I’m going to look forward to seeing you for another Prodermal videocast soon. Bye for now.