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asap Radiance Serum | Learn More In Our Video Series

As part of our video series on asap serums, we join Prodermal’s Client Education and Skin Therapist Allison Ware as she chats to asap Education Manager, Colleen McCleery about asap Radiance Serum, how to use it and its benefits on your skin.

Allison: Hello, I’m Allison from the Prodermal team, and welcome to another Prodermal video cast. We’re with education manager Colleen from asap Skin Care. Welcome, Colleen.

Colleen: Hello Allison, thank you.

Allison: Today we’re talking about the asap Skin Care Serums, and in particular the radiance Serum, which is one of my personal favorites. Can you tell us a little bit more about the Radiance Serum, Colleen?

Colleen: Yes I can, I think it’s everybody’s favorite this one. Your skin just feels so soft the next morning, it is a nighttime product. Again, with Radiance, it is that one meter measured dose. Let’s try your other hand.

Allison: I’ll try my other hand.

Colleen: Yes, it has a beautiful slip to that too. Just massage that in, you’ll see that lovely gel. And what radiance does is it works from the outside down, so we’re softening all of those dead cells that have built up on the surface, but we’re also cleaning out pores, so we’re refining. If we can clean a pore out, it tends not to swell and have a much more even texture on the skin. It also is aspirin the ingredient in there, so it’s an anti-inflammatory on the skin.

Colleen: It’s great for pigmentation, it’s great for that more 30 plus pigmentation in the skin, and also that little bit of hormonal acne that you can get leading into menopause, that can certainly benefit with that too. But the main function that I feel with our Radiance is that it prepares the skin for product penetration. So we don’t mix that with B, we don’t mix it with any other Serum. It’s a nighttime product, we cleanse. We like to put one pump on the back of our hands, take that all over again, but only to the bone, only to the …. of the bone, not in under the eyes.

Colleen: And then we can certainly put our B’s straight on top of that and our moisturizers, but just not mixing the application. So, then what you will see is a smooth, refined, and acids, fruit acids that are in this product literally hydrate the skin. So they do that little bit of softening, tiny bit of invisible exfoliation and resurfacing on the skin. But by using that, and that can be a product to use every night by everyone.

Allison: Okay, so all skins, apply at night on its own with a B Serum over the top. If I were using the Super A Serum, would I alternate the application of my Super A Serum plus my Radiance?

Colleen: Yes, you would do exactly that. And the reason is because we’ve got fruit acids working down, they dissolve topically, they’re working down. Then we have our Super A nourishing, building up from the inside out. So, by alternating those two Super Serums, you’re going to get the best result in the skin.

Allison: Okay, fantastic. Thank you so much for your expert tips today.

Colleen: That’s okay.

Allison: I’m sure our customers are going to love using the asap Skincare Serums. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you again soon for another Prodermal video cast. Bye for now.