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asap DNA Renewal | Learn More In Our Video Series

As part of our video series on asap serums, we join Prodermal’s Client Education and Skin Therapist Allison Ware as she chats to asap Education Manager, Colleen McCleery about asap DNA Renewal Treatment, how to use it and its benefits on your skin.

Allison: Hello, welcome to another Prodermal videocast. I’m Allison from the Prodermal team and today, we’re talking with Colleen from asap Skincare about their star product, the DNA renewal treatment serum. Colleen, I love this product. It’s super special. Can you tell us why?

Colleen: Yes, I would love to because with the DNA technology and it is new science is serums, DNA. We really have made Australia’s first DNA serum. But, again, it’s like our other serums, it’s what we’ve put with the serums that we have five different technologies and complexes in here in our DNA, which we like to think of as, “Do not age.” Do not age means you don’t wait until you’ve aged to start it.

Colleen: You certainly are going to start this one in your 20s for prevention, but it does work a little differently on the skin because when we look at these serums that we’ve talked about it earlier, we blanket those serums with DNA. We can use DNA once a week, we can use it once a day, we can use it twice a day, which is what I like to do, twice a day. We certainly take this product up under the eyes because ingredients that are in this product will help work on contractional muscles across the forehead, around the eyes. You’ll see results very, very quickly in this, because we have peptides in here that are working at cellular level.

Colleen: The formulation of the DNA renewal treatment is very new science. In fact, the original science behind this has won Nobel prizes-

Allison: Wow.

Colleen: Behind the science of DNA products. We’ve captured this in Australia’s first. It isn’t a teenage acne product. It is an anti-aging product, so once we’re into our 20s, that’s when we’re looking at these.

Allison: Okay.

Colleen: Younger women, perhaps two or three times a week or just every night, and then, increase that to twice a day with this product. Would you like to feel this one?

Allison: Of course, I would.

Colleen: Everybody loves this. This a product for the future.

Allison: Okay.

Colleen: Worldwide, we’re an aging population. We’re aging much more actively, much more healthier and they tell me longer which is a good thing. But this is what’s going to really help work at that cellular level and start repair. What peptides do is repair the cell’s natural pathways. We also have ingredients in here that are going to help stimulate your own stem cells and help increase our own hyaluronic acid which plumps out our skin. But with all the information now that we have out of that pollution, we do have an anti-pollution formula in here too, which helps protect the skin.

Allison: It truly is a star product for our skin.

Colleen: Definitely.

Allison: It has a science behind it to give the results that we want.

Colleen: It does and very quickly, I might add.

Allison: Fantastic. Thank you Colleen.

Allison: Thank you for watching another Prodermal videocast. Bye for now.