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asap serums | Our Guide To The 5 asap Skin Serums

The skin is a complex organ and there are certain factors that influence the skin’s health. Subsequently, we’re massive fans of asap skin products at Prodermal as they have been scientifically formulated to deliver results to skin concerns like ageing, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin.

As part of the asap skin care range, asap’s serums work to prevent and correct skin conditions and are powerful potent formulations that have a direct impact on the skin’s health and wellness.

There are five serums in the asap range that can be used together or used at alternative days or nights for added skin benefits. They are easy to use with a self-regulating dispenser, all packaged in an airless serum pump. Let’s deep-dive into each of the serums for you.

Super B Complex

asap’s Super B Complex contains concentrated Niacinamide – Vitamin B3. This necessary skin vitamin helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin and this serum contains the highest percentage of any product sold in New Zealand. B3 is essential for boosting the skins immunity to UV and helps an ageing skin by stimulating collagen. The Super B Complex is perfect for a dull, dehydrated skin as it also contains Resveratrol which has been clinically proven to increase hydration by 36% over 28 days. Vitamin B9 and Licorice extract makes it perfect for skins that are pigmented. It is also good for acne prone skin due to the addition of Red Clover as it helps to regulate sebum control and is excellent for wound healing. One example of this might be after stitch removal. This particular serum can be used all over the face, eyes and neck area. For best results, the Super B Complex can be used with the Super C Serum. These two serums can be used at once as a layering system or mixed together during the day.

Super C Serum

asap’s Super C Serumis a combination of high concentrations of Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants aimed to reduce the appearance of premature ageing. This power house serum has 20% pure vitamin C for maximum potency and can be used daily in the morning after the Super B Complex. It can be mixed or layered and is perfect for the face and neck and even the hands! Take note though – we don’t recommend it for the eye area.

Super A+ Serum

asap’s Super A+ serum combines pure Retinol with an anti-ageing Tripeptide which help to increase cell renewal for advanced skin rejuvenation. Retinol is known for counteracting skin ageing and the Super A+ Serum is perfect as an excellent preventative treatment as well as improving the appearance of an aged skin. This night time only treatment can also be used on alternative nights with the Radiance Serum and is suitable for all skins including acne prone skins to help control excess oil and promote cell renewal.

Prodermal tip: Avoid use whilst pregnant and do not use if taking prescription acne medication. Remember to always use a sunscreen when using the Super A+ Serum.

Radiance Serum

If sun damage and pigmentation is your concern, then the Radiance Serumis perfect for you. This serum contains a AHA/BHA blend known as Biomimetric Tripeptide and skin brightening botanicals to increase cell renewal and help with pigmentation. This oil free formulation is also beneficial for acne-affected skin due to this unique AHA/BHA blend. Use one pump at night to the face and then follow with an application of the Super B Complex. If you are unsure which serum to start with, this serum is a good one to choose for use at night time.

DNA Renewal Treatment

The star of the serum range is the DNA Renewal Treatment. This concentrated powerhouse serum has been specifically designed to help with cellular damage and provide ongoing telomere protection. Telomeres are the strands of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that contain genetic information. They are likened to the ends of shoelaces, that with age, shorten and are a contributing factor to ageing. The asap telomere technology helps to protect and repair the DNA damage. Along with Multi-Peptide Technology that contains powerful peptides, this serum also contains a HydroElastic Complex, an Anti-Pollution Complex and Omega’s 3, 6 and 9. This combination of ingredients is designed to repair pathways and protect the skin’s DNA structure whilst reducing the visible signs of ageing. The DNA Renewal Treatment can be used both day and night or for maintenance try 2 -3 times a week. It is perfect for all skin types, particularly ageing skins.

Prodermal tip: Younger skins may like to use this serum as a preventative to maintain their young intact skin.


With any serum use during the day you can apply your asap moisturiser over the top. Try the Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser which is a medium weight moisturiser or the Ultimate Hydration, a medium to heavy weight moisturiser. The Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50+ is perfect for all skins including acne. For night use the Anti-Ageing Night Cream which is a moisturising formulation that restores and rehydrates the skin and contains an AHA.