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An Aspect Skincare Refresh | New Look New Feel

We are excited to have launched Aspect Skincare’s new packaging into our existing range of skincare products. The new packaging looks sleek, professional and truly reflects the quality of professional skincare that Aspect has always represented. 

With the refresh, there have also been some product changes which for our Aspect Gold and Aspect Teen users, you’ll want to be aware of. At Prodermal NZ, we will deplete our existing Aspect stock for a particular product line before we begin shipping out the new refreshed Aspect packaging. As each line of our existing Aspect stock is sold out, your favourite Aspect item will then move to the new packaging as its item image. In addition, for the items mentioned below as being discontinued, once we have sold out of that item on our webstore, you will no longer see it in the online catalogue. If you have any questions from the information provided for you below, don’t hesitate to send us an email at online@prodermal.co.nz.

It’s now just Aspect

Aspect Gold and Aspect Teen, as standalone ranges no longer exist. The majority of the products from the Aspect Gold range have now merged into Aspect.

Aspect Name Changes

The following products have changed their name to the following:

  • SMC – Super Moisturing Complex
  • Hand Cream – Hand and Body Cream
  • Post Laser Gel – Soothing Gel
  • Aspect Teen Starter Kit – Clear Skin Kit


The following products have been discontinued by Aspect:

  • Aspect Brightening Kit
  • Aspect Problem Skin Kit
  • Aspect Blush Free Kit
  • Aspect Gold Eye Cream
  • Aspect Gold Everyday Cleanser
  • Aspect Teen Cleanser
  • Aspect Teen Toner
  • Aspect Teen Lotion
  • Aspect Teen Stop Spot
  • Aspect Teen Starter Kit

Two New Products

Over the coming weeks, we will also be introducing onto our range of Aspect, 2 new Aspect products launched as part of the brand refresh: Pigment Punch+ and also Clear Skin Complex.

Pigment Punch+ (30ml) is a supercharged Pigment Punch, driving the desire of an even, more radiant skin tone. This advanced formulation includes the reliable active Tyrostat-11, with the addition of peptides and natural plant extracts known for their illuminating properties.

Aspect Clear Skin Complex (50g) is a hydrating, cream based formula ideal for problematic skins, especially dry and/or sensitive. Chelating agents paired with exfoliating actives address common concerns associated with this skin type. This exciting new innovation in the Aspect range targets the appearance of breakouts and redness to clarify and calm complexion.

Why the new packaging?

Aspect’s move into box packaging is not just about an aesthetic change to the brand. By boxing the products there is now an extra layer of protection for the products, reducing the need for additional packaging in the boxes. The new secondary packaging (box) supplier is affiliated and accredited with PEFC (this shows packaging companies demonstrate that they are sourcing raw materials from well-managed forests), like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) they only use material that has been sourced sustainably.

The company itself has created their own sustainably standard called – Ecolabel. Key benefits of using Eco-label on Aspect products include:

  • Soya Based Inks
  • Chemicals eliminated
  • Alcohol free print
  • Waterless print
  • Energy efficient equipment used
  • All products are recycled